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Our providers are a dedicated group of OB/GYN doctors, midwives, and nurses passionate about women’s health.  We strive to give women within Western North Carolina personal attention in a gentle and compassionate manner.

Laurel’s OB/GYN providers guide and educate women about their health to empower them in making more informed decisions about their bodies.  It’s a core principle to how our providers want to receive their own personal care, and is why our patients appreciate our approach to women’s health.

We know you have many choices for OB/GYN care in the Asheville region and we’re grateful you’ve considered Laurel OB/GYN!

Dr. Rita Kaplon, MD smiling in office

Dr. Rita Kaplon

Dr. Kaplon is our latest addition to Laurel OB/GYN’s physician team.  She brings a breadth of experience, evidenced-based knowledge, and an easy going personality that makes our healthcare team even more equipped to handle nearly any health concern or patient need.

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Holly McArthur MD Laurel OB/GYN Provider

Dr. Holly McArthur

Dr. McArthur been a provider of OB/GYN care for over 15 years at Laurel.  She now specializes in gynecologic care and surgical procedures for women of all ages.  She has a rich tradition of building long term relationships with her patients.

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Laurel OB/GYN Provider Dr. Ruchi Moore

Dr. Ruchi Moore

Dr. Moore has been an obstetrician and gynecologist for over 18 years in Western North Carolina.  She is passionate about educating and guiding patients with evidence-based care on their reproductive options and contraceptive access.

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Dr. Lindsay Veazey Laurel OB/GYN Provider

Dr. Lindsay Veazey

Dr. Veazey is a NC native who has been at Laurel since 2012.  She’s a big advocate of informed, patient care.  From prenatal to gynecologic treatment, she helps women understand their body so they can be active in their health plans.

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Dr. Summer Gilmer Laurel OB/GYN Provider

Dr. Summer Gilmer

Dr. Gilmer has been providing OB/GYN care throughout North Carolina in both Asheville and Boone.  In addition to her interests in surgical gynecology, Dr. Gilmer enjoys getting to know patients personally and building relationships throughout their lifetime.

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Dr. Susan West of Laurel OBGYN

Dr. Susan West

Dr. West has over 25 years of experience as a gynecologic surgeon, with special expertise in minimally-invasive laparoscopic and hysteroscopic surgeries. She values the importance of personal care for every woman, every day.

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Ellen Howard, Certified Nurse Midwife

Ellen Howard CNM

Ellen Howard is Laurel’s only certified nurse midwife.  She has over 16 years of nursing experience and 10 years in midwifery.  She specializes in providing holistic women’s care in the areas of pregnancy, childbirth, gynecology, and reproductive health.

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Brooke Smith Ultrasound Specialist & Sonographer standing in Laurel OBGYN Practice

Brooke Smith RDMS

Brooke Smith is our in-office diagnostic medical sonographer and Asheville native.  As one of a few practices in Western North Carolina that offers OB/GYN ultrasounds in-house, we’re thankful for Brooke’s years of expertise and high standards of patient care.

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Why Choose Us



We strive to make the life of women better and more health conscious within our practice and the local community to the best of our ability.


Prevention, education, and early detection are key elements to our standards of OB/GYN care. This is not possible if we don’t listen to our patient’s and their bodies.


It is a true privilege to help promote the care of women at all stages of their lives. We strive to provide care that fits your body and lifestyle.


We account for the diverse physiological, anatomical and biosocial factors that women experience throughout life with care plans fit for each woman.

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Laurel OB/GYN provides obstetric and gynecological care for women of all ages.  Whether its keeping patients informed or diagnosing women’s health conditions, we are here for you.

Our OB/GYN Care Includes:

  • Annual exams and well-woman visits
  • Pregnancy care
  • Obstetrics
  • Contraception and family planning 
  • Menopause care
  • Minimally invasive surgery
  • ThermiVa
  • Gynecology surgery

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